Estimated Gains

Estimated Benefits/ Gains from DBT and Other Governance Reforms

(upto March 2020)

DBT and other governance reforms have led to removal of duplicate/ fake beneficiaries and plugging of leakages etc., as a result of which the government has been able to target the genuine and deserving beneficiaries.  Estimated savings/ benefits from some of the Schemes are as under:

S.No Ministry/ Department Scheme Estimated Savings / Benefits (in Rs. Cr) Remarks
Cumulative upto March 2019 April 2019 to March 2020 Cumulative upto March 2020
1 Department of Fertilizers FERTILIZER 10,000.00 0 10,000.00 Reduction of 120.88 Lakh Metric Tonnes of fertilizer sale to retailers.
2 Department of Rural Development MGNREGS 20,790.45 4,881.91 25,672.36 Based on field studies Ministry has estimated 10% savings on wages on account of deletion of duplicate, fake/ non-existent, ineligible beneficiaries.
3 Department of Rural Development NSAP 516.01 8.30 524.31 Deletion of 7.57 lakh duplicate, fake/ non-existent, ineligible beneficiaries (including some due to migration, death etc.).
4 Ministry of Women and Child Development OTHERS 1,523.75 0 1,523.75 Reduction of 98.8 lakh duplicate, fake/non-existent beneficiaries.
5 OTHERS OTHERS 1,120.69 0 1,120.69
6 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas PAHAL 59,599.00 11,702.00 71,301.00 4.49 crore duplicate, fake/ non-existent, inactive LPG connections eliminated. In addition there are 1.71 crore Non-subsidized LPG consumers, including 1.05 crore 'Give It Up' consumers.
7 Department of Food and Public Distribution PDS 47,633.00 19,263.87 66,896.87 Deletion of 2.98 crore duplicate and fake/ non-existent Ration Cards (including some due to migration, death etc.)
8 Ministry of Minority Affairs SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME 159.15 863.00 1,022.15 Deletion of 12.86 lakh duplicate, fake/ non-existent beneficiaries.
9 Department of Social Justice and Empowerment SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME 335.51 0.01 335.52 Deletion of 1.91 lakh duplicate, fake/non-existent beneficiaries.
Total 1,41,677.56 36,719.09 1,78,396.65